BARROCOMATIK sprang out of the desire to bring early music closer to family audiences. It is a theatre show without text, that mixes elements of mime, physical theatre, puppetry and visual poetry, with four live baroque musicians: bassoon, oboe, theorbo and violin. Barrocomatik is the story of a man who finds comfort and refuge in a universe full of automatons and dynamic machines which he has built in order to help him avoid the emotions presented by “real life” relationships.


Himmel der Tiere

A concert for the whole family with Latin American baroque music and puppetry

What is beauty? Should you be ashamed of what you are?

These are the questions addressed in the family concert „Himmel der Tiere“. The well-known children's book author and illustrator Jörg Hilbert (Ritter Rost) has turned an old Guaraní fairy tale from Paraguay into a contemporary and humorous piece for puppet theatre. A singing toad is invited by the vulture Urubú to a musical fiesta in the heaven of animals.


Passamezzo — A musical audio walk

On the trail of a Leipzig town piper

Leipzig in 1619: music is everywhere, with the town waits playing a central role, enriching the city's musical life.

We accompany the piper Johann on his way through the city, experiencing his musical working day. The audio walk links his story with specific places in Leipzig's city centre.

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